Financial Support

If your family qualifies, you may be eligible to receive financial support with the following:

Support based on attendance to high-level meets:

Support based on financial eligibility:


AMS Travel Meet Assistance

This assistance only applies to KW Swim Team families. Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) assists families who attend certain high-level meets and match other qualifications. View the list of high-level meets and other qualifications.

How to receive travel meet reimbursement:

  • Ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements.
  • Complete this form for every meet you want to receive funding, and also submit receipts proving expenses.
  • Submit all required items by the specified deadlines.


AMS Outreach Athlete Membership

KW Swim Team families who meet certain financial eligibility requirements can receive a reduced USA Swimming Membership fee, AMS meet entry fee reimbursements, and reduced AMS camp tuition via the AMS (Allegheny Mountain Swimming) Outreach Athlete Membership.

How to apply:

  1. Please review this AMS Outreach document in full.
  2. On page 2, ensure that you can prove eligibility using either Proof of Income OR Proof of Assistance.
  3. When you pay for an annual USA Swimming Membership, select the “Outreach” membership option.
  4. Within 10 days of step 3, complete the form on page 3 of this document.
  5. Email the completed form AND proof of financial eligibility to:

AMS Outreach Athlete Members can receive support in the following areas:

Reduced USA Swimming Membership Fee
To participate on the KW Swim Team, each athlete must separately purchase an annual USA Swimming Membership. Families who qualify for AMS Outreach Membership can take advantage of a reduced annual USA Swimming Membership fee (“Outreach” membership).

Meet Entry Fee Reimbursement (AMS Meets, Individual Events Only)
Families who qualify for an AMS Outreach Membership do not have to pay AMS meet entry fees. The KW Treasurer completes this form for qualifying families to ensure meet entry fees are reimbursed by AMS. Meet fee reimbursement only applies to individual events at AMS sanctioned and approved meets. It does not apply to relays, surcharges, and no shows. Deck entry reimbursements are limited to a value equal to the amount of the actual entry fee.

Reduced Tuition for AMS-Sponsored Camps
If an athlete is eligible for and has been selected for an AMS-sponsored camp, and that family has qualified for AMS Outreach Membership, then that family’s camp application fee will not exceed $150.00. Please contact the KW Financial Manager and Registrar if you qualify for AMS-Sponsored camp assistance.


KW Registration Fee Assistance Via Fox Families Cares

This assistance for registration fees applies to both KW Swim Team and KW Swim School families.

  • Families must reside within the Fox Chapel School District to apply.
  • For more information on how to apply, please visit Contact Us | Fox Families Care.