AMS Meet Schedule

Below are links to meet schedules published by Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS), the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) in which KW competes.The Killer Whales Swim Team may not participate in all of the meets listed on the AMS schedules. Additionally, the team may schedule other meets that are not on the AMS schedules. 

You can review the meets in which KW plans to participate here. You'll also receive email notifications regarding upcoming meets. In addition, you can watch for upcoming meets on the Home Page.

Some of the meets listed on the schedules require certain time standards for swimmers to be eligible to participate. Look at the "Meet Qualifying" column on the schedules. For example, some meets require "Slower Than BB" times, "Faster Than BB" times,  "A and Faster" times, and some meets are open to "All Ages" and have "NQT" or "No Qualifying Time" requirements. Learn more about USA Swimming Time Standards.


Short Course Schedule  |  Fall / Winter (October - April)


Long Course Schedule  |  Spring / Summer (May - August)


How Meets Progress From Local to the Olympics

Meet Progression Pyramid

Local Level (Age Group Champs):  We compete in the Allegheny Mountain Swimming Local Swimming Committee (LSC). (View a map) Swimmers compete in the meets listed in the AMS Short and Long Course Schedules to earn time standards that allow them to compete at the Age Group Champs. Swimmers with certain time standards then can compete at the levels further toward the top of the pyramid.

Zone / Sectionals Level:  We compete in the Eastern Zone. (View a map)

  • USA Swimming divides the Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) into four zones: Eastern, Central, Southern and Western.
  • Zones are the zonal championship meets for age group (under 14) swimmers.  At Zones, each LSC compiles a team of its fastest age group swimmers to compete against other LSCs in the same zone, and these swimmers compete under the name of their LSC (not their clubs).
  • Sectionals are the zonal championship meets for senior (15+) swimmers. At Sectionals, swimmers generally compete under their own club’s name.

Futures Level: Futures provides swimmers with a stepping stone between Sectionals and Junior Nationals. The Futures meet is like a “junior” Junior Nationals.

National Level: View the USA Swimming > Events page to review all events at the National level.

Olympic Trials: View the USA Swimming > Olympic Trials page.