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Killer Whales Swim TeamThe Fox Chapel Killer Whales Swim Team is a first-class, year-round competitive team for those swimmers ages 6 to 18 who are looking to take their basic swimming skills to the next level. Our experienced, dedicated coaches provide a positive training environment from novice swimmers to experienced, nationally-ranked swim competitors. We strive to teach swimmers the values of sportsmanship and teamwork and to develop the character traits, technical skills and intense desire necessary for maximum realization of each individual's potential.

Our national governing body is USA Swimming, who sanctions all of the meets we attend. Our local governing body is Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS).

Children do not have to be excellent swimmers to join the team. While there are nationally ranked swimmers on the team, we are a large club offering Skill Groups for all swimming levels. We recommend our KW Swim School for children just learning how to swim.

Swimmers do not have to be residents of Fox Chapel, PA to participate in the Killer Whales Swim Team. We welcome swimmers from all over the Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) district.


Go to our "Registration" page to select to register for the Pre-Competitive Team or the Competitve KW Swim Team.


Swim Seasons

Swim Team offers a year-round program broken into three seasons which you can register for separately.

  1. Fall / Winter
  2. Spring
  3. Summer

Learn more about our swim seasons and how to register.


Swim Group Levels

We offer several levels of swim development. KW Coaches assess swimmers’ skills regularly and advance swimmers through levels when defined skills are achieved. KW Coaches provide technical instruction on strokes, starts, and turns for all of the skill groups.
Learn more about each of the Skill Group Levels and the requirements for swimmers to advance from one level to the next.



The KW Swim Team provides a professional coaching staff led by Head Coach Cindy Woods. While each Swim Level has an assigned coach, all coaches may work with any Skill Group Level as needed.
Learn more about the KW Coaches.


Pool Locations

Practices take place at the Fox Chapel High School Swimming Pool. Some groups may also swim at Shady Side Academy Senior School. Additionally, we use various near-by outdoor pools during the Summer Season.
Learn more about pool locations.



We encourage our athletes to attend practice regularly and participate in as many meets as possible. It is crucial they arrive on time and ready to give the coaching staff their full attention.
Learn more about practices.



We encourage swimmers from all of our Skill Group Levels (except Pre-Competitive) to participate in meets held throughout the year. Swimmers must proactively sign up for each meet he or she wishes to attend.
Learn more about meets and how to sign up for meets.


Fees & Financials

  • Swim Team Registration Fees are charged and different for each Skill Group Level.
  • USA Swimming Membership Fee purchased separately required.
  • Meet Fees are charged for each meet and event a swimmer enters.
  • Travel Fees are charged for those swimmers who enter travel meets.
  • A Volunteer Incentive Fee (VIF) is charged that families can earn back by serving in meets.
  • A Fundraising Incentive Fee (FIF) is charged that families can earn back by fundraising.
  • Learn more details about all the Fees & Financials.


Parent Involvement

The KW Swim Team is a non-profit, year-round swim club. Except for the coaching staff, the club is funded and parent-operated on an all-volunteer basis. We need parent volunteers to ensure that our organization and meets run smoothly and efficiently. Volunteer positions range from serving on the Board of Directors to being a lane timer and from serving as the Meet Manager to managing the snack bar. To encourage parents to volunteer, we charge a Volunteer Incentive Fee (VIF).

Learn more about the Volunteer Roles in which you can serve to earn back the VIF.

Learn how you can support the team through fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.


Team Gear Requirements

Review online and local stores where you can purchase KW apparel, swim gear, and equipment.

Learn where to purchase Team Gear & Apparel.

Review the Team Gear & Apparel Requirements for each Skill Group Level.


Tracking Swimmer Progress and Times

Learn how to review your meet times, view KW team records, review USA Swimming Motivational times and more.


How to Stay in Touch and Keep up to Date


Safe Sport Policies & Codes of Conduct

Please review our Safe Sport Policies & Codes of Conduct before registering.


Fundraising & Sponsorships

The Fox Chapel Killer Whales is a non-profit swim club that is organized, operated, and funded by parents. We hold fundraising campaigns and offer sponsorship opportunities to ensure that our organization continues to be a first-class, year-round swim program for young children through adults in the Fox Chapel area.
Learn more about fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.


Special Events

During the year, we host special events for the swimmers, including fun seasonal pool parties and special training opportunities.
Learn more about and how to sign up for Special Events.



Please contact us.

Go to our "Registration" page to select to register for the Pre-Competitive Team or the Competitve KW Swim Team.

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